What’s On: May

1-31 May: WoWFEST, various venues around Liverpool. Writing on the Wall is Liverpool’s longest running writing and literary organisation, and this year marks its 20th annual festival. This year’s theme is  ‘Where are we now?’, a potent and loaded question in our times. All sorts of events have been timetabled, from book launches to workshops, to Q&A sessions, to walking tours to conversations with all sorts of people on a multitude of different subjects. Contributors include Will Self, Helen Pankhurst, John Crace, Rita Tushingham, Mike Leigh, Staurt Maconie and Jo Brand. This year, the festival is encouraging … Read on

The world’s weird and wonderful celebrations…

It’s Easter weekend! So, we’ve decided to bring you some weird and wonderful holidays that are celebrated around the world. Some are religious, some not so much…

Pink Thursday, Sweden

Pink Thursday, or Skärtorsdag, as it’s known in its native Sweden, is the equivalent of Maundy Thursday, and many have named it so as ‘skär’ is Swedish for ‘pink’. Nowadays, Pink Thursday is celebrated in a less religious fashion, and instead, the holiday has taken a turn down the Pagan path. Each year on Pink Thursday it’s rumoured that witches mount their broomsticks and head to the legendary mount Blåkulla, where apparently … Read on

12 We all take responsibility for our collective work. If we spot a problem, we’ll fix it; if something needs sorting out, we’ll do it.

12 We all take responsibility for our collective work. If we spot a problem, we’ll fix it; if something needs sorting out, we’ll do it.

We are all responsible for the work that leaves our studio. Most of the projects that we do here have multiple collaborators – someone writes, someone edits, briefs are set and feedback is sought. And many eyes will see a bit of work before it leaves our studio for the client; then the process is typically repeated before the work is set free into the world. Our work, or the lion’s share of it, is a … Read on

209 Women

My favourite thing about exhibitions is the sense of urgency they offer. A feeling of desperation to not miss out on a spectacular show that can be put up, and pulled down just as quickly. A show which everybody gains a different experience from and can relate to in a different way, an experience that lingers in the back of your mind. For me, it’s exhibitions with a purpose and a meaning which have the most impact. Sure, it’s nice to stroll around a room and look at some pretty paintings on the wall but if it doesn’t make me … Read on

We work hard

11 We work hard, and we like having fun. We spend a lot of time at work, so we want to spend it with people we enjoy spending time with.

We’re not ‘it’s not personal, it’s just business,’ people. Why would you behave differently outside work to when you’re at work? That sounds exhausting.

Work, like life, requires commitment; for people to do the things they say they will and, sometimes, to make difficult decisions. To be thoughtful of the people around them, and value their expertise, time and happiness. You do all of these things in the hope that they work … Read on

What’s On: April

Until 14th April: 209 Women, Open Eye Gallery, Mann Island. Marking 100 years since the first women achieved the right to vote in a general election, this ambitious all-female exhibition from Open Eye Gallery features new portraits of women MPs from across the country, shot entirely by women photographers. The exhibition was first shown at the Houses of Parliament on 14 December 2018, 100 years to the day since the first general election in which women could vote. In Liverpool, the full set will be shown for the first time, including images of Sinn Fein MPs who refused … Read on

Creative Projects


I love all things art and design. Wherever I am and whatever I am doing, I often find myself distracted and drawn into all the creativity around me. Whether that be an eye-catching illustration on Instagram or a clever billboard advert on my commute to work, it usually always sparks inspiration or provokes a thought or a feeling. But sometimes, I stumble across a project that really stops me in my steps and plants itself in my brain. These are the best ones, those clever ideas that have been borne from innovative thinking and evolved into masterpieces of art and … Read on

Radio 2019

My daily commute is about an hour each way and includes all the regular commute classics – a bit of walking, some waiting for the bus, some sitting and then some more walking. Sometimes I’ll use that time to have a chat to my brother so we can discuss what the day holds in store for each of us, but more often than not I’ll have my AirPods in, listening to a podcast episode or two. Unless I’m really, really into whatever book I’m reading at that time, I’ll use this commute to get at least 3 podcast episodes into … Read on

Wisdom of Wolves

I often find myself looking forward to finishing a book so that I can put it on the shelf and move on to something else. It’s not that I’m not enjoying what I’m reading when this happens – I’ve often just finished getting what I want out of it. I’ve got the point. I’ve moved on – but because I hate not seeing things through, I’ll plough on till the last word is read, excited to close the book and make it a piece of furniture on my shelf.

There are some books however, that I wish would go on forever, … Read on

What’s on: March

8 March: International Women’s Day. Keep an eye out for events happening all over Liverpool for the now much-celebrated day of women.

National Museums Liverpool listings – join free talks and events held in honour of the roles and achievements of women and girls

International Women’s Day website events listings – this link will take you to the event search page both nationally and internationally

Culture Liverpool – listing of events being held in and around Liverpool

Also, The Women’s Organisation‘s Business Club invites you to hear how ‘Women Can‘. Sue Grindrod and Marnie Millard, … Read on