I had a great chat recently. One Wednesday after work, I headed over the city from the Wordscape studio, down Jamaica Street, through Liverpool One, stopping on the strand to take a photo of the Liver Building, and then towards the Business District and an event titled Boundaries, hosted by Engage Liverpool at One Fine Day, and supported by me and Fiona. As I walked, I chatted over text to a friend in Boston about how small Liverpool feels as a city to walk across. End to end the walk took 20 minutes. It felt like a great walk.

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Local Hero: MyTime

Across the country there is an army of unpaid carers looking after family members 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are ‘hidden heroes’, taking pressure off NHS services and helping those they love, often in very difficult and trying circumstances, sometimes with very little income or whilst holding down a job to make ends meet, and often at the cost of their own health and wellbeing. It is estimated that there are around 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK, and as life expectancy increases, so do these numbers.

Some may be temporary carers, some may have done … Read on

Kindness is courage…

It’s possible Random Acts of Kindness Day 2019 probably bypassed you — it was on the 17th February — but although it’s useful to have an awareness day so that people are aware of RAKtivism (yes, it’s actually a thing), we should be kind, randomly or otherwise, every day. Without getting too profound so early in this piece, acts of kindness don’t have to involve other people either. You are allowed to be kind to yourself too. More about that later.

Someone I follow on Twitter recently asked for examples of kind things strangers have done, and the responses will restore … Read on

Awesummit 2019

I had a bit of an experience recently in Chicago. I travelled there for the weekend with my dutiful manservant, my Dad, in tow and for the sixth Awesome Foundation Summit, or Awesummit as we Awesome Foundation Trustees call it. It was the fourth of these I’ve travelled to now and my first time in Chicago. It’s a nice place.

I’ve been an on-and-off trustee of the Liverpool chapter of the Awesome Foundation for about six or seven years now. In that time there has been a revolving cast of trustees, but generally always ten of us in total. The general … Read on

What’s on: June

1 June: Summer Arts Market, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. The only place to pick up beautiful, unique work from the region’s best artists, crafters, designers and makers. In the aisles you’ll find thousands upon thousands of handmade artworks, creative crafts and design gifts from some 200 independent businesses including screen prints, paintings, intricate jewellery, tableware, beauty products, woodwork, colourful decorations, accessories, textiles, photography, knitwear and hand poured candles. All that plus an artisan food fair and vintage fair, and independent clothing designers too! Open from 10am to 6pm, entry for 16+ is £3 on the door, under 16s go … Read on

World Penguin Day 2019

April 25 marks World Penguin Day, celebrating the annual northward migration of the penguins and the start of warmer weather. Here at Wordscape, we’ve decided to commemorate this day by focusing on another kind of penguin: Penguin Books. In 1935, Penguin started its own kind of migration; a social movement to make good literature accessible to all. Personally, I feel I have a lot to thank Penguin for. If it wasn’t for its founder, Allen Lane, despairing at the lack of affordable books available at a train station all those years ago, I mightn’t have had such easy access to … Read on

What’s On: May

1-31 May: WoWFEST, various venues around Liverpool. Writing on the Wall is Liverpool’s longest running writing and literary organisation, and this year marks its 20th annual festival. This year’s theme is  ‘Where are we now?’, a potent and loaded question in our times. All sorts of events have been timetabled, from book launches to workshops, to Q&A sessions, to walking tours to conversations with all sorts of people on a multitude of different subjects. Contributors include Will Self, Helen Pankhurst, John Crace, Rita Tushingham, Mike Leigh, Staurt Maconie and Jo Brand. This year, the festival is encouraging … Read on

The world’s weird and wonderful celebrations…

It’s Easter weekend! So, we’ve decided to bring you some weird and wonderful holidays that are celebrated around the world. Some are religious, some not so much…

Pink Thursday, Sweden

Pink Thursday, or Skärtorsdag, as it’s known in its native Sweden, is the equivalent of Maundy Thursday, and many have named it so as ‘skär’ is Swedish for ‘pink’. Nowadays, Pink Thursday is celebrated in a less religious fashion, and instead, the holiday has taken a turn down the Pagan path. Each year on Pink Thursday it’s rumoured that witches mount their broomsticks and head to the legendary mount Blåkulla, where apparently … Read on

12 We all take responsibility for our collective work. If we spot a problem, we’ll fix it; if something needs sorting out, we’ll do it.

12 We all take responsibility for our collective work. If we spot a problem, we’ll fix it; if something needs sorting out, we’ll do it.

We are all responsible for the work that leaves our studio. Most of the projects that we do here have multiple collaborators – someone writes, someone edits, briefs are set and feedback is sought. And many eyes will see a bit of work before it leaves our studio for the client; then the process is typically repeated before the work is set free into the world. Our work, or the lion’s share of it, is a … Read on

209 Women

My favourite thing about exhibitions is the sense of urgency they offer. A feeling of desperation to not miss out on a spectacular show that can be put up, and pulled down just as quickly. A show which everybody gains a different experience from and can relate to in a different way, an experience that lingers in the back of your mind. For me, it’s exhibitions with a purpose and a meaning which have the most impact. Sure, it’s nice to stroll around a room and look at some pretty paintings on the wall but if it doesn’t make me … Read on