What do you believe in?

“We know what we believe in, and what motivates us. Do you? If not, let’s sit down together and talk about it. It helps us tell your stories. And it helps us to look for opportunities that might be right up your street.”


Why do we act the way that we do? Why are people motivated to act a certain way over another? And why is this so important?

Andrew talked through passion and purpose in our previous manifesto point; a subject which links in with the concept of motivation. If you’re passionate and you know your purpose, that stands you in … Read on

What’s On: August

Ironically, 1st August is both Respect for Parents Day and International Childfree Day, but also World Wide Web Day without which you wouldn’t know that you should be celebrating any of these holidays. Alliteratively, Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day on 7th is especially notable, and we will, of course, be putting out the bunting for Book Lovers Day on 9th, as we are all huge fans of the smell, touch and feel of books, old and new. In the spirit of transparency, I should admit that I do own a Kindle and read books on it, but … Read on

Top 5 melts…

RIP my Copenhagen candle

Five newsworthy melts

It’s been the hottest summer in decades, and I recently discovered that one of my candles had started melting without ever having been lit.

So, taking the sunshine as our inspiration, here’s five newsworthy melts…





Berkshire bin lorry

When the mercury rose above 30 degrees celsius this week, an unwitting bin lorry sank into the road surface in Berkshire. With temperatures melting the road surface, the crew found themselves being thrown forwards as the road collapsed beneath them. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported. Though the road remained closed as recovery vehicles worked through the night to … Read on

What’s On: July

Ah, July already. Thoughts naturally turn to holidays. But if that’s not on the cards for you this year, Liverpool can offer plenty of things to keep you and the kids busy, with just a selection of events that have caught our eyes below.

One celebration we can really get on board with is International Plastic Bag Free Day on 3rd July, but there’s also International Kissing Day on 6th, my favourite day of the year – Ice Cream Day on 19th July and, of course, Milk Chocolate Day on 28th.

Tuesdays-Saturdays, May to September: RIBA North run 2-hour Read on

The Poverty Trap?

As time goes on it is becoming harder and harder to listen to a news bulletin, scroll through social media or read a newspaper without hearing more about the people in our society who are struggling the most. A report produced by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which campaigns for social change working to solve UK poverty, published on 7th June 2018, ‘Destitution in the UK 2018‘ suggests that in 2017, 1.5 million people in the UK (including 365,000 children) were classed as destitute, meaning they went without the bare essentials and lacked the … Read on

Summer Reads

Our thoughts have recently turned to summer and books we have enjoyed in the past and intend to enjoy in the coming months. You may remember from our April newsletter that Fiona wrote about the Hay Festival and The Pool collaborating to produce a list of 100 books by 100 women that deserve a lot more attention than they receive. So I decided to ask my colleagues to employ the same tactic – I asked for two of their summer reads (have read and to read) but written by women. And this is what they said.


Embarrassing confession here, I’m … Read on

Cubanos and cocktails

Born out of a desire to create food that hadn’t been seen in its hometown before, FINCA burst onto Liverpool’s bustling food and drink scene in 2016, when it took up a spot in the Baltic Triangle’s coveted Botanical Garden. Serving up the likes of plantain crisps, gouda croquettas, yuca doughnuts and guava barbecue ribs, FINCA soon became a sure-fire hit with Scousers and visitors alike, and its success has snowballed ever since.

As a fellow Baltic Triangle resident, we’ve supported FINCA from the off, through its three Baltic residencies in the Botanical Garden, Constellations, and the Baltic Market. And we’re very … Read on

Purpose beats Passion

02. We like working with people with a strong purpose. Passion is great, but purpose is different. It’s about knowing what you want to achieve; the difference you want to make.

I’m a pretty emotional human, with an addictive personality. I’m easily distracted, and am interested in almost anything that takes my fancy at any given moment. So far this year, I have listened to almost every podcast series I can possibly fit around work and home commitments. They’ve been on US politics – specifically about Watergate or Robert Kennedy – the World Cup; people who publish magazines; Aaron Draplin; mindfulness, or … Read on

The revolution will not be televised

You must have seen the shocking and amazing This is America from Childish Gambino/Donald Glover by now. If you haven’t, then go watch it, watch it again a second-time, then come back to this. I’ll wait…

…bloody good, isn’t it?!

As soon as it appeared on YouTube it stunned people in their millions, currently sitting at over 160m views after just two weeks. This is America is a stark 180º by Glover from the kind of introspective self-aware poppy hip-hop that helped make his name (aside from his star-turn in Community); all moody trap beats and cynical statements … Read on

King of trees

At the bottom of my parent’s garden is a big apple tree. It stands about 20ft tall, with the top branching out 20ft wide, and branches creeping into neighbouring gardens adorned with bird and squirrel feeders. Every spring it blooms with lovely bright pink blossoms before giving way to hundreds of bramley apples in the summer (great in a crumble, trust me). The tree has been there since my family moved in 40 years ago, and had already been there for a few years by then. Over the years, it has been used as an anchor-point for washing-lines, a … Read on