Instagram inspiration

Instagram inspiration

Instagram is, in truth, the only social network I bother with. While I’ll dive down the Twitter rabbit hole about once a week, when I’ve got plenty of time, and Facebook’s myriad issues are well documented, Instagram provides a constant stream of inspiration and, well, joy… From travel destinations and delicious design to food, ideas and interiors, these are some of the accounts that bring a smile to my face…    

Swiss Type Faces


As a print lover and mad typography fan, Switzerland is the cradle of the modern printing industry (Basel’s type
museum is one of the all-time greats, IMHO.) Swiss Type Faces…















Bristol-based Instagrammer and community manager Jess Siggers brightens up my IG feed on a daily basis with dreamy
images of her city, and the work she does to promote it. It was the source of lots of inspiration for our recent visit, and
looking forward to heading back this summer, too…

Camille Walala


London-based French artist who makes building look bright and beautiful. This one’s on the corner of Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch, so we can gaze it from across the road at the Trampery, our favourite London workspot…










36 Days of Type


An annual campaign that sees people submit beautiful, clever and unexpected typography from an open community of designers, artists and creatives. It’s 36 days – since you ask – because you get 26 glorious days of A-Z, followed by zero to nine. Funny, inventive, colourful and creative, it’s always one of my favourite things in my IG feed…

L-R: #L is for Lego by @design_lad, #P is for Patience by @jotakaillustration and #T Typewriter by @kristinejoramo, from @36daysoftype

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