What do you believe in?

“We know what we believe in, and what motivates us. Do you? If not, let’s sit down together and talk about it. It helps us tell your stories. And it helps us to look for opportunities that might be right up your street.”


Why do we act the way that we do? Why are people motivated to act a certain way over another? And why is this so important?

Andrew talked through passion and purpose in our previous manifesto point; a subject which links in with the concept of motivation. If you’re passionate and you know your purpose, that stands you in pretty good stead with regards to motivation. Doing something that you believe in, something that you love, is always going to win over the more mundane.

But, is your motivation geared in the direction to get the best results for you?

Knowing what you believe in and what drives you forwards, is half of the battle when telling your story – both personally and professionally. Having an authentic narrative plays an important part in building trust with your audience, and with the people that you’re looking to connect with. Being motivated yourself drives motivation in others

Sometimes, people’s judgement can be clouded when they’re trying to get a project off the ground, or when they’re taking a new path; and, sometimes the thing that you want isn’t always the thing that you need. This is where Wordscapes can step in.

Together, we can work out what it is that you do, and why you do it. Pinpointing your motivations can reveal what it is that you need to flourish. It’s a process of refining.

And, that’s the fun bit – there are probably lots of things that you haven’t considered before, that can further your cause. Let’s take the time to test your assumptions of who you are and what you do, and the rest will follow.

Let’s chat – tell us your story, and your journey so far. Taking time to listen to what you like to do, and things that you don’t, can help us to shape your story.

How can what you do benefit your clients and customers? And what’s the best way of telling them how you can help, clear and jargon free?

Lucy C

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