What do you want me to do?

wordscapes-C CYMKAre you getting your point across on your lovely new, pretty, spangly website? Are you telling customers what you want them to do? How you can work together? Chances are, it seems, you’re not…

Research from B2B Coach Online Marketing Study found that 70% of small businesses didn’t have a prominent call to action on their homepage; another 70% didn’t have a prominent phone number, while 82% didn’t have a social media account, and 56% weren’t making use of meta descriptions. And you may or may not believe in the value of social media and meta tags, depending on your industry, and the importance to your business of people searching you out online. But asking people to do something – making it clear what the next step is. Well, you’d think that was pretty fundamental, wouldn’t you?

So, why’s a call to action important?

Essentially, it crystallises what you’re trying to say… What do you want people to do? I might, for instance, say ‘give me a call now to talk about killer copy for your website’; that’s what I’d like you to do. Or, if the timing’s not right, store my name away in the back of your brain somewhere for when you do need something writing, or publishing.

It’s about changing your focus – clarifying what you do from your customers’ point of view. What can you do for them? Yes, you might be a master of lovely graphic design, but lots of people don’t really care about lovely design. But if that means you can create some beautiful packaging for them, that increases their sales, well – they’re interested. And if I can talk about a business or an event in a way that makes people want to get involved; to buy that service, or go to the event, then bingo!

We skim-read when we look at websites, rather than reading every last word. So the easiest way to get across what you do, and why customers might want to work with you, is to tell them. Shout it out. In big letters.

So click here to drop me an email about a project you need communicating, or call on 07900 061 543.

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