Awfully British reasons to cry…

Some awfully British reasons to cry…

Last year, us Brits admitted to being a nation of whiners. Research showed that 56% of us admitted to a daily moan and one in five (19%) confessed to moaning more than three times a day, resulting in 10,168 minutes of moaning a year. A Sunday scroll through Twitter led me down a rabbit hole and into a thread which got me belly laughing at some of the things we’re actually moaning about.  #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry, of course, had much mention of Brexit, tea, fish and chips, the increased price of the Freddo and the pronunciation of scone. 

Here are some of my favourites, I hope they cheer you up if you’re having a dull day…

@shallowseal / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry Shelling out for a train ticket for it to not be checked.






@AndrewRoberts66 / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry The sandwich you wanted isn’t part of the meal deal. 

@DistantValhalla / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry Half the digestive crumbled off into your tea. 

@taesvnte / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry When it says ‘unexpected item in bagging area’ for the fifth time. 

@CuriosityRocks / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry Woolworths.






@MRJGrist / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry Boris Johnson. 

@PatWilliams18 / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry The queue in the next check out at the supermarket goes down quicker than yours

@Ianshad / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry You pay shit loads for Sky Sports and the footy’s on BT Sport. 

@wildbunchtags /#AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry Microwaved tea.






@kurtaytoros / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry The weather. 

@tavistockgirl / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry Someone left the big light on… 

@BakemanMouse / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry Buffering.






@annette_xxxxx / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry When plans you wanted to be cancelled go ahead… 

@JackGriffin1945 / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry When your next door neighbour changes his Wifi password. 

@PaulPJB / #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry The queen never flushed after sitting on the throne.






For more reasons to laugh (not cry), here’s the twitter thread: 

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