Awfully British reasons to cry…

Some awfully British reasons to cry…

Last year, us Brits admitted to being a nation of whiners. Research showed that 56% of us admitted to a daily moan and one in five (19%) confessed to moaning more than three times a day, resulting in 10,168 minutes of moaning a year. A Sunday scroll through Twitter led me down a rabbit hole and into a thread which got me belly laughing at some of the things we’re actually moaning about.  #AwfullyBritishReasonsToCry, of course, had much mention of Brexit, tea, fish and chips, the increased price of the Freddo and the pronunciation of scone. 

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What colour is your name?

What colour is your name?

Have you ever thought about the colours in your name? 

For some people with the rare sensory trait called grapheme-colour synesthesia, this is the way their brain ‘sees’ letters and numbers. For those who don’t know, grapheme-colour synesthesia is a condition in which people associate specific colours with particular letters and numbers. I remember learning about the condition in a college art class and found it fascinating. I stared hard at black words on white paper and just saw black words on white paper, so I never gave it another thought. 

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Our hopes for the 20s

Here I am in January 2020, at the start of a new year, and also a fresh decade. Over the Christmas break just gone, the passing of one year into the next seemed to take on additional significance for me as a result of the changing of the decade. I suddenly found myself casting my eye 10 years into the future instead of just a little way down the road, dreaming about my hopes for the decade ahead as well as figuring out new routines for the year ahead. An odd feeling.

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My 2020 reading and listening list

I started 2020 as I ended 2019, with a stack of books by my bed, a load of queued up podcasts, websites bookmarked to read and a stack of magazines to read and one or two of all of above on various wish lists.

Here are 20, a few from each, that I’m excited to join me on my journey through the year ahead.


Apartamento Magazine

I’m a big fan of Apartamento Magazine – well-done interviews with creative people in their homes, with lovely photography and weird and wonderful homes and beautiful design. I have a subscription to the mag … Read on

Local events Jan/Feb

Welcome to the new-look ‘What’s on’ page. Fewer featured events, more photos and a general overall revamp. More focus on the events themselves rather than the quantity. And different types of events. And a different header each month because I know how to do them now. We’re not being paid or even asked to advertise any of the features, we just think you’ll be interested.

This month, we’re featuring a soup kitchen event for all at the Black-EE, a new bowling alley in Liverpool city centre, a new Vietnamese restaurant opening and a new retro gaming arcade in the Baltic Triangle.

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Christmas gift ideas from people we know and love

Christmas gift ideas from people we know and love

Buying local and ‘buying social’ – from small businesses where your purchase really makes a social impact – have become more and more popular over the last decade or so. We’re always on the look-out for something a bit more meaningful – whether it’s the idea behind it, or the origin of the gift. This week brings both Indie Week and Small Business Saturday, so here are 12 Christmas gift ideas from people we know and love…   

1. Saving Dad

Our most recent publication, Saving Dad has collected some incredible reviews … Read on

What’s on: December

Visit Liverpool has a fab list of 25 festive things going on in Liverpool this year. You can find it here. I have picked out a couple of events below, but really, they do it much better than me.

1 December: Winter Arkade, 10-5, 34 Regent St, L3 7BN, Make North Docks. An opportunity to meet and buy Christmas pressies from local independent makers, hosted at Make, with Invisible Wind Factory. Keep an eye on the website for more details.

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World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day: Has a human right become a privilege?

A trip to the toilet is a basic act for most of us: we sit or stand, we do our business, we flush, we wash our hands and we go about our day without a second thought. But this mundane routine is unfamiliar to many people across the globe.

On 19 November the UN will be celebrating World Toilet Day. It is a day that marks the importance of effective sanitation; something that many people in many countries do not have. The World Health Organisation reports that 60% … Read on

Newsworthy newsletters

I’ve never been very good at reading email circulars. I unsubscribe from most unless there is a tangible benefit to me being on the list, like free stuff or discounts. I now realise that’s because I wasn’t on the right mailing lists. The ones I read regularly now provide insight, information and usually amusement too. So I thought you might be interested in some of the ones that claim my attention these days.

Five things on a Friday — James Whatley

This newsletter was recommended by Holly Brockwell in her Ethos feature a few months ago. … Read on

A hug through your screen

Photo credit: BBC

An odd turn of phrase, but said by a BBC2 continuity announcer recently when introducing what has fast become one of my favourite programmes, The Repair Shop. And I’m not alone. Thanks to some decent scheduling pushing this TV delight to more popular time slots, The Repair Shop has gained traction as a much-loved TV favourite.

Despite being around for a couple of years, the programme only came to my attention earlier this year. The ‘shop’ is based in the Weald and Downland Living Museum in West Sussex and is populated by restoration experts whose … Read on