Print isn’t dead!

 Have you ever thrown a book away? When it comes to perceived value, books are at the top of the tree. Maybe it stems from childhood; from school and bedtime stories, when books represented much more than just words and pages – they offered comfort and escapism, knowledge and experience.

Books are a subtle way of communicating what you do, and what you’re interested in, without the hard sell. They look good, read well, and make you the ‘expert’.

A book is a great ‘foot in the door’ with potential clients; they’re a talking point, they’re a keepsake and they’re a good-looking way of finishing off a project in one neat, warm, fuzzy bundle. And they sell you – and your ethos, ideas and ideals, when you’re not in the room. Handy, eh?

We firmly believe that print isn’t dead. It’s tactile and tangible, and a way of allowing your audience to disconnect from technology and invest their time in your story instead. Magazines and newspapers showcase your style – they sell your brand through evocative images, short snappy stories and crucial company information. And they’re lovely.

In today’s online world, books are cherished; magazines enjoyed. Print is luxurious, respected – and cost effective. We’ll help you to break the technology-mould and reclaim print media as a way of communicating with your clients – and they’ll love you for it. These are a few of the lovely projects we’ve been involved in…