Christmas gift ideas from people we know and love

Christmas gift ideas from people we know and love

Buying local and ‘buying social’ – from small businesses where your purchase really makes a social impact – have become more and more popular over the last decade or so. We’re always on the look-out for something a bit more meaningful – whether it’s the idea behind it, or the origin of the gift. This week brings both Indie Week and Small Business Saturday, so here are 12 Christmas gift ideas from people we know and love…   

1. Saving Dad

Our most recent publication, Saving Dad has collected some incredible reviews in the month since its launch. ‘This is a game changer’, says one. Others include ‘incredible’, ‘brilliant’, and ‘this will give so much hope to so many’. It’s author Matt Janes’ personal memoir about his dad’s bi-polar disorder and it’s warm, hopeful and thought-provoking.

£9.99 | 

2. Lunya gin

I came across this beauty writing a blog for the Albert Dock website about Christmas gift ideas, so have already succeeded in selling it to myself. Catalonian champion Lunya produces its own gin in collaboration with John O’Dowd, creator of the original Liverpool Gin. Inspired by supplier trips to Spain, it’s blended from sunny Spanish botanicals, including membrillo (quince), smoked ñora pepper and orange blossom flower.

£35 | Lunya’s website

3. Becka Griffin’s Alphabet of Cheese

Becka’s a friend and former studio-mate. When we first met her, she was famous for these clever alphabets. Now she also does a great line in city skylines, but what could be more festive than this alphabet of cheese?

£25 | Becka’s Shopify 

4. Ethos subscription

Well, we couldn’t not include a subscription to our favourite mag, could we?! Well, our ONLY mag, in fact. We’re changing things with Ethos next year, so that we have more time to make a better magazine. Which means that a bigger mag will come out but twice a year, alongside a range of storytelling events in between times, so we get to spend more time with our community, too…

£20 per year | Ethos website

5. Botanical Beauties calendar

We used to share a studio with Lisa at Lost Plots, and her finely-detailed illustrations are beautiful. I’ve got 2019’s Trailblazing Women calendar hanging on my fridge at home, and it’ll soon be replaced with 2020’s Botanical Beauties version – one of a very limited run of just 100.

£15 | Lost Plots Etsy shop

6. A is for Allegro

We work with Roy, over at Küla Studio, on a number of our projects. He’s the designer for Ethos, alongside a range of our client work. He’s a car person and this is one of his books. A is for Allegro is a nostalgic A–Z of the cars from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, with his own inimitable illustrations and personal memories.

£7.99 | via Pavilion Books 

7. Pinhead Liverpool pins

Pinhead founder and illustrator Amy shares our studio with us, and we often swoon over the new pin in her collection. These have arrived just in time for Christmas, bringing Liverpool landmarks including our Cains Brewery home, St John’s Tower, Liverpool Cathedral, Albert Dock, Metropolitan Cathedral and Sefton Park Palm House to a lapel near you…

£6 each or £25 for a box of five | Online from the beginning of December and at craft markets throughout the month – see below… P I N H E A D will be at the Winter Arkade this weekend, next weekend’s Winter Arts Market and the Baltic Market on December 15. 

8. Kitty’s Launderette soap

Absolutely our favourite launderette in the world, and one of the brilliant social ventures that came out of our work in North Liverpool with the Beautiful Ideas Company. It sells a range of artwork, totes and eco cleaning products, but this handmade soap is still one of our favourites.

£5 | grab yours on Etsy

9. Granby Workshop carafe

It’s always exciting when Granby Workshop appear at the monthly Granby Street Market, as they’re due to this weekend. With another successful crowdfunder for its new recycled materials under its belt, these ceramics always make an impact.

£48 | Granby Workshop

10. How not to be Good: the A–Z of Anxiety

We worked with Elli earlier this year and she launched How not to be Good: the A–Z of Anxiety in March. Talking honestly and compassionately about mental health, she’s since started a podcast and has been talking about the book at a series of events throughout the year.

£10 | Elli’s website…

11. A Dorothy poster

We recently grabbed a couple of Dorothy posters for the studio at Baltic Creative’s MacMillan Cancer morning. Inspired by music, books and film, they’re colourful, clever and always marked by amazing typography. My current favourites are the music-inspired stamps, but you’ll be spoilt for choice…

from £18 | We are Dorothy

12. Make’s luxury candle workshop

Our friends over at Make have a great list of workshops. You can head over and make anything from sourdough and sauerkraut to a little black dress or a luxury candle. I’ve picked this candle making workshop because it sounds irresistibly cosy, but don’t forget to have a look through the full list…

£49 | Tickets via Eventbrite


Or, if you want to get out and about and meet the makers in real life, we’d also recommend these local craft markets and events. 

Winter Arts Market, 7 December – the original, and still the best: Winter Arts

Granby Market, first Saturday of every month – L8’s local 4 Streets community opens the market every month, come rain or shine… Find out more here.

Winter Arkade, 1 December – find a North End novelty in this alternative seasonal shop… Details on Eventbrite

Baltic Market – arts, crafts and inspiration at the Winter Gift Market on 15 December, plus an Xmas Farmer’s Market on 22 December. Have a look online…

Croxteth Hall – worth a visit to get out of town amidst the lovely country park setting at Croxteth. Visit the walled garden while you’re there! (there’s a food market the following weekend…) More details via Eventbrite

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