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I love all things art and design. Wherever I am and whatever I am doing, I often find myself distracted and drawn into all the creativity around me. Whether that be an eye-catching illustration on Instagram or a clever billboard advert on my commute to work, it usually always sparks inspiration or provokes a thought or a feeling. But sometimes, I stumble across a project that really stops me in my steps and plants itself in my brain. These are the best ones, those clever ideas that have been borne from innovative thinking and evolved into masterpieces of art and design (in my opinion anyway).

Here are some of the creative projects that I have come across and been blown away by – maybe it will spark a little bit of inspiration for you and if it doesn’t just look around you, creativity is everywhere!

Bic – Gabby & Aaron

An incredibly simple idea but incredibly memorable, especially to me. Creative ad duo Gabby & Aaron worked on a campaign for stationery company Bic, in which they illustrated an issue of The Guardian newspaper with a single Bic pen, to prove just how long they last. In case you were wondering, 80,000 words and a few illustrations – the pen does the job.




Women Are Heroes – JR

Women Are Heroes was a very powerful project carried out in different cities in Africa, Brazil, India, and Cambodia by French artist JR. The project highlights the social role of women in these areas of conflict, celebrating their heroism by creating stunning portraits of the local women and pasting their portraits into the urban landscape.



Polluted Water Popsicles – Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-t

I don’t think I was the only one shocked by this art project when it went global in 2017. Three students from National Taiwan University of the Arts created a line of frozen treats which were oozing with bits of plastic, litter, and oil from 100 locations in Taiwan. The project intended to raise awareness about water pollution and its deep effect on our world – it certainly does that.



Caring for your house human – Freya Morgan 

Using simplistic diagrams and pale pink paper, Freya Morgan created a useful and very funny pocket guide of how to look after people in the context of if they were plants. Born out of Freya’s frustrations and existential crises, Caring for Your House Human reminds us that we are just another organism on earth.


Let’s paste these tweets* all over Britain – Led By Donkeys

Whilst many of us are left confused by Brexit, Led By Donkeys has been cutting through the chaos by showing the world past statements of our politicians on Brexit on billboards around the country. The campaign is completely crowdfunded and is supported by over 8000 people currently.





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