Wordscapes Manifesto – Point 5 We believe in collaboration. It allows us to do more; do better stuff and exposes us to a wider range of ideas. Which is better for our clients.

We’ve been talking a lot about collaboration recently – largely because we’ve just written the introduction to the collaboration chapter of a book we’re writing at the minute (Spring – pre-order it today). As we talked and wrote, it dawned on us that almost all of the work we do as a business is a product of collaboration. In fact, in one way or another, all of it is.

Collaboration means we can do stuff beyond the capability of our small team. Collaborating with a graphic designer or design agency means that we can turn our words into powerful images or, better still, brings a combination of graphics and words together to create something new and exciting – like books, magazines and posters. These are things that we make as a business, which wouldn’t be possible without us collaborating with designers. Collaborating with web designers and developers takes the words we write into digital formats, whole websites and web pages. Sometimes the words we write inform how that website works as well as reads. But we’re not coders – coders are collaborators for us. On any given day we might be collaborating with animators, filmmakers, designers, coders, events professionals, makers or artists. What collaboration allows us to do is do more.

Collaborating also exposes us to new people and new teams which brings fresh perspective, new ideas and new ways to bring the words that we write into the world – some of which we hadn’t even considered before. And this helps us to reach new people.

Collaboration is also partnership. We are in this together. That means we need to be really good at telling stories (which is the basis for everything that we do), but in many cases in order to get these words out into the world, we need to be really good partners. We need to be good to work with – challenging yet accepting – and nice to work with – be ourselves and do what we say we will. And so do the people we collaborate with.

Us being good at collaborators is good for our clients, but it’s also good for us. It keeps things fresh and keeps us on our toes. It pushes our work forward, and out into the world. And that’s what we get paid for. So, thank you collaborators.


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